| 4 hours Private Cooking Class

During the cooking class the participants learn how to be mastering the timeless traditional Greek cuisine by the guidelines of our Chef.


  • Santorinian Salad
  • Santorinian ‘’Fava’’
  • Traditional Tomato Fritters
  • Lamb stew “Kleftiko” with vegetables*
  • Greek Semolina Halva (Demonstration)


  • This is the standard menu for the cooking class. However, if the main course is not to the participants’ liking it can be adjusted to accommodate their dietary preferences or restrictions.
  • One glass of wine for welcome in time to cooking.
  • Each course is accompanied by a glass of wine (white, rosé, red) as a pairing.
  • The time of the lessons starts 17:00 every day. Pick up starts 16:00p.m from the hotel.
  • The cooking class is private.